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Welcome to /FREE, where you can give and receive free stuff!

2020.09.24 07:28 The_thoagland An alternative rock Playlist of big and small artists. Now accepting free submissions! Just message me and I'll give it a listen and you might get added!

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2020.09.24 07:26 fizzzinator We have added a new award!!!

We have added the new 'Free hugs' award to be given to somebody going through a rough time.
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2020.09.24 07:20 welovewhippies I think (18M) my girlfriend (18F)is being shady/unfaithful, Am I just paranoid? Please I'm losing sleep over this I could really use some advice and a second opinion!

Basically this past week between my girlfriend and I have been very strange. She has been acting differently and been rather disconnected. Throughout our entire 7 month relationship we have had rather good communication with a few bumps in the road, but for the most part we have been open and straightforward. Although, this past week it feels like something is going on, yet she is keeping me in the dark. Her tone, attitude, attention, demeanor, and excitement seems very different from her normal attitude. I know how she acts when shes going through a tough time and I'm usually able to detect it and comfort her. Although, this week has been different she keeps saying she is fine and just stressed from the SAT and that everything between us is normal. Things seem far from normal, we usually would text throughout the day, call, or Facetime especially at night, but this week we really haven't been texting, or talking plus she has been going MIA past 7pm these last couple of nights. It's just really out of the ordinary and my gut is telling me something is up. Not only that but we started sharing each others locations around 1 month into our relationship. Lately her location has been very "buggy", and by that I mean she is turning it off. I've caught this happen a few times this past week and each time she tells me the same thing "it isn't off" or "my phone was in airplane mode when I was charging it". Although, her location almost always just pauses when she's in airplane mode (I only know this because she's rather bad at responding and sometimes I just like to check what's going on. I'll admit it was a bad habit and I'm not proud of it but I have gotten a lot better at just trusting her), but now it has been saying "no location found" which means shes turning it off. To which she just denies that and says it must be bugging, which I have just let slide because for the most part she hasn't given me any reason throughout relationship to not trust her. The last thing that has been fishy is the fact her Dad bought her a 11,000 dollar Cartier bracelet. Now let me explain why this is fishy, around a month ago I was going to upgrade my iPhone and give my girlfriend my old iPhone because it was an upgrade from hers and she needed a new phone desperately (her mic is broken on hers and has been for the last 2 months, we Facetime over her iPad, and talk to each other when were driving because her phone connects to the car and uses that mic.) Although, I wasn't able to get the upgrade because I wasn't due for an upgrade for another three months and it was pretty expensive to pay off, but she was relying on me because her dad said to her she either got a new phone or a new laptop. Since she thought she was getting my old phone she chose and bought the laptop. Understandably she got a little angry with me, but she was more upset at the fact she had to ask her Dad for a new phone too now because her dad doesn't like spending that much money on her. Let me just state she is well off but not filthy rich. Her Dad likes for her to buy her own stuff to teach her how to save, but this time he paid for the whole laptop. Which comes to my point why the in the fuck would her dad just randomly purchase her an 11,000 dollar piece of jewelry basically the price of a car. I didn't ask questions about it because her birthday is coming up even though she just got a laptop. She told me her Dad got it for her as a way of appreciating how hard she been working at studying for the SAT. Which she has been, but an 11k bracelet seems a little far fetched. It goes even deeper, Now I don't think her dad bought this and I don't think she bought it either. My reasoning for this, about 3 months into our relationship she was showing off her most prized jewelry and in that assortment was a love Cartier bracelet with a set of rings which goes for around 20k, and at first she told me her ex boyfriend bought it for her (He was 22). Then around a month later she told me her dad bought it for her for Christmas and she lied about the whole ex thing. I don't think her Dad bought that new bracelet or the old one like I said before they are well off but not filthy rich to the point where her dad can just drop 30k on her in jewellery. I don't know what to make of this past week and I'm really really conflicted because I want to trust her so badly but things just aren't adding up. I love her so much and I really hope she is just stressing over college applications, school starting up, and the SAT. My gut is telling me something is way off, but I could be overthinking I have had way way to much free time these last months because I'm taking a gap year and my OCD has been starting to flair up because the lack of therapy. I feel like I'm going crazy! Any advice would be helpful!
I should add that she acted like this for a brief period of time during our relationship and it turned out that some sugar daddy was trying to get her to be her sugar baby. This was like 4 months ago, and she came out with the truth a week after it happened, and she blocked the guy and cut all contact with him. To my knowledge she never sent him anything explicit or met up with him.
TLDR: My girlfriend has been distant, acting different, and somewhat shady. We haven't been talking as much, and she is saying everything is fine she's just exhausted. Although there has been some shady behavior, going MIA at night, turning off her location, and a new expensive bracelet her "Dad" bought. I can't tell if it's from the stress of college applications, school, and the SAT or something else that's going on.
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2020.09.24 07:11 VidLocker GoMovies Official Website! Stream Movies Online For Free Without ADS, Multi Servers 1080p Result

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2020.09.24 07:09 JustLearnEng Is this correct? "The first X minutes is free"

Hey there!
Today I saw an ad advertising consulting services that claimed that "The first 30 minutes is free." Souldn't that be "The first 30 minutes ARE free"?
I felt curious and looked for other similar examples and "is" seems to be the standard in this case. Can you confirm this?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2020.09.24 07:08 Poppybiscuit Help finding my perfect eye palette! Seems basic, why is it so hard to find??

I am over getting palette after palette. They are so pretty and I want them like a crow wants bottlecaps but inevitably I end up only using one or two shades and it's such a waste. I don't think I've ever finished a palette in my life despite wearing eyeshadow every day.
I want one small palette that has the colors I use most days. Sephora has been a miss, but I'm not sure I looked through all the HUNDREDS of eyeshadows lol. This seems like such a basic, normal nude type palette so I NEVER thought it would be so hard to find. Here is what I'm after:
  1. a matte BLACK black (used for eyeliner)
  2. a matte very dark brown (used for eyelinebrows)
  3. a matte mid range taupe or light/medium brown (lid shade)
  4. a champagne shimmer (not glitter, aiming for sophisticated, not flashy)
  5. a very light matte vanilla or other light shade (all over base color so not sheer. White is too much but I'm fair so anything darker than like a vanilla will look like a shadow)
Maybe one or two other colors like copper, nudes, browns, or golds, but I really don't want more than 6 or 8 shades unless the pans are smaller than normal.
Maybe a custom palette would be cool if there's a brand that's good for that. Not MAC though. I prefer talc-free (not a dealbreaker though). Also I know depotting is a thing but I don't want to do that, I'd probably just destroy it trying knowing me.
Any suggestions?? Thank you!
Edit: I use the ABH Soft glow palette a lot, specifically Tempera, Glistening, Dusty Rose (although it's a touch too pink), Cyprus Umber, and Noir. So something along those lines but not in such a big palette
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2020.09.24 07:04 neil024u Creating Backlinks With Free Directories Is Worthless

I’d came across hundreds of free directories over the Internet adding, submitting links for approval. But with exceptions to a few most of these so called free directories are just a time waste. They just cannot accept the free request. Their only message is We have 1000s of request in pipeline every day so it will take longer 2 to 3 months time. There profit is they are getting more web engagement whereas we are just waiting time.
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2020.09.24 07:01 Rybread_42 Sekiro or Ghost of Tsushima?

I know these games have probably been compared ad nauseum, but who cares...
So I’ve been spending a lot on classic ps4 games lately and didn’t want to pay full price for ghost of tsushima. Instead I opted to watch a let’s play series from my favorite gaming youtuber, Wretch Plays, (Check him out! he’s such an awesome guy!) and maybe buy Sekiro instead. So far I’ve seen almost the entirety of GOT Act 1. Now I’m starting to have second thoughts. I love Wretch but I’m worried I’m not experiencing the full beauty of the game because the video quality isn’t the best. I’m thinking of stopping before I spoil it any more for myself.
when I get a PS5 I’ll get Nioh 2 for free with ps plus, and I’ve heard many say it’s similar to sekiro. If I buy Sekiro will it be like playing the same game twice?
TLDR: is GOT so good that I should buy it and stop watching it on YouTube? Do you like it more or less than Sekiro?
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2020.09.24 06:58 xOniichan MSW Patch Notes (Sept. 24, 2020)

The weekly update is completed! Please update the game and restart it! The detailed update are listed as following: Update Notes:
📍Free Hero Rotation Update
This week's free hero rotation has been updated! On September 24, 2020 (Thursday) at 5:00 AM (GMT+8). The new roster of heroes that are free to use in 5v5 battles are: Angel, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Ebony Maw, Iceman, Iron Man, Proxima Midnight, Rocket Raccoon, Storm, and The Thing. Go forth into battle, Watcher! New Watchers (characters below Lv. 10) can use heroes of beginner and easy difficulty from the weekly free roster, and use heroes from the free roster for new players.
📍New Hero
🐿️Squirrel Girl🐿️
Squirrel Girl is a melee tank hero. She can summon her squirrel friends to fight alongside her, and leap off both enemies and squirrels to stay in the air and attack enemies.
🔻Natural Passive: Unbeatable🔻 Passive: Squirrel Girl's armor and energy resist increase when an enemy hero is nearby.
🔻Ability 1: Knuckle Spike🔻 Passive: Whenever Squirrel Girl hits an enemy hero with an ability, she adds an Acorn Mark. Active: Squirrel Girl commands squirrels to attack enemies that carry marks, dealing damage and restoring her HP.
🔻Ability 2: Acorn Barrage🔻 Squirrel Girl hurls acorns in the specified direction, damaging and slowing enemies in their path. If the acorns hit an enemy hero or monster, her next basic attack will make her charge toward the target and summon a squirrel.
🔻Ability 3: Prehensile Leap🔻 Squirrel Girl jumps to the specified location, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area where she lands. She can jump off enemies and squirrels to jump again.
🔻Ultimate Ability: Squirrel Raid🔻 Squirrel Girl summons a squirrel at the specified location, dealing damage to enemies and adding marks.
All Squirrel Girl - Doreen Green archive data has been collected. She will be joining you all in battle this week, and her Classic skin will be added to the Shop. From today until 11:59:59 PM (GMT+8) on September 30, all Watchers can purchase the Squirrel Girl Data Pack, as well as recruit this hero and unlock her skins! There's even a 20% off discount on this pack in its first week!
📍Hero Adjustments
⭐Moonstar⭐ Our Watchers have attained far higher mastery of Moonstar's combat prowess than we expected, causing her performance to far exceed other heroes of the same type. We've therefore decided to make some adjustments while maintaining her unique traits. Moonstar deals very high burst damage when attacking targets with a full stack of marks using Psionic Volley. We hope to maintain Moonstar's unique burst damage without weakening it while giving opponents more room to retaliate by slowing down how quickly Moonstar marks her targets. We have also removed the Resist Death mechanic in which the remaining shield value is converted to HP to lower her overly high endurance.
🔻Ability 1🔻 Tamed monsters can only add marks when dealing damage while the Hela's Embrace ability is active.
🔻Ability 3🔻 Removed the mechanic that converts the remaining shield value to HP.
⭐Hela⭐ We've strengthened Hela's basic stats and increased the hit rate of Black Thorns to improve Hela's early-game combat capabilities.
🔻Basic Stats🔻 Base armor has been increased from 80 to 90. Base Health has been increased from 1150 to 1200.
🔻Ability 3🔻 Width of the ability has been increased from 200 to 300 yards. Speed has been increased from 1500 to 2000 yards.
⭐Cloak & Dagger⭐ Optimized Darkforce Dimension's smart casting selection logic so that it selects heroes most in need of rescue.
🔻Ability 4 (Ultimate)🔻
Optimized the selection logic for smart casting. Cloak will automatically fly toward the target in range with the lowest HP percentage.
⭐Black Panther⭐ Black Panther's late-game damage is a little weak, so we've slightly increased it to make him more formidable.
🔻Basic Stats🔻 Growth HP coefficient has been increased from 215 to 220.
🔻Ability 3🔻 Ability bonus has been adjusted from (75%extra physical attack) to (100%extra physical attack).
⭐Cull Obsidian⭐ We've enhanced Cull Obsidian's late-game shield value to improve his performance in teamfights.
🔻Passive Ability🔻 Shield value has been adjusted from 100 (+10current level+5%extra max HP) to 50 (+20current level+10%extra max HP).
🔻Ability 2🔻 Cooldown has been reduced from 7 seconds at all levels to 6 seconds at all levels. Casting range has been increased from 325 yards to 350 yards.
📍Latest Events
🍂Autumn Celebration🍂 ⏰Event Duration: After maintenance on September 24th, 2020 to October 7th, 2020 (GMT+8) A breezy autumn arrives with falling golden leaves. Complete daily quests during the event to get the Autumn Celebration Avatar and other rewards!
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2020.09.24 06:48 steelisntstrong Water worlds and free roaming NPCs?

Hi all,
I'm an old NMS player from years ago who hasn't played in a VERY long time.
I know they are adding the sandworms in the most recent patch which has rekindled a lot of excitement for me. Just wondering if they ever added water worlds (like all ocean and you can fly around under water) or free roaming NPCs to talk to/kill?
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2020.09.24 06:48 EverydayEverynight01 Every problem with ADCs in season 10 and how we can fix them

Hey guys! I want to make a thorough post about ADCs in s10. I've seen people say that "ADCs are fine" and that "you just scale later" along with "If you die to an assassin you're probably mispositioning and overextending" these 2 arguments are more or less the criticisms of the criticisms of the state of ADCs

TLDR: ADCs are way too team reliant, especially on your support. It's hard when you are made out of paper and one little mistake and you die. ADCs have no sense of defensive items without sacrificing their damage and overall. Just about anything can kill you if they have ignite. Games are too snowbally and end way too early before you scale. Thus making your place pretty much obsolete.

Let's get started about the issues:
- 1) Poor Itemizations such as higher pricing, low versatility, defensiveness, and just overall lack of strength
a) Weak first-item strength
Infinity Edge is a joke compared to other common first-items for other classes as a 1-item spike compared to something like Duskblade, Trinity Force, Luden's Echo, and Sun Fire Cape.
Let's compare Infinity Edge and Luden's echo as common 1-item power spikes:
Infinity Edge (3400g)
Luden's Echo (3200g)
Luden's echo fixes some champion's weaknesses by giving them better wave clear and burst. Luden's Echo is such a powerful item on Leblanc because her weak wave clear problem is solved to at least a satisfying extend while making your burst more deadly than it already is.
b) Low versatility and defensibility
Most ADCs NEED to stack up critical strike change as much and as fast as possible. It is so important to stack of your critical strike chance that you are making seriously tough decisions if you ever want to build more situational items such as Last Whisper, QSS, GA, Hexdrinker, Lifesteal, etc. You will have to make massive sacrifices. Hexdrinker as an AD MR defensive item is a joke compared to banshee's veil. With banshee's you won't be giving up on damage while building Hexdrinker will. Zhonya's is such a luxurious defensive item ADC mains will kill to have an AD Zhonya even if it sacrifices your damage. But Zhonya's hourglass doesn't sacrifice damage.
Another issue is Yasuo, his passive to get double critical strike chance makes it so he only needs 2 items to spike gives him so much flexibility on what he needs to build. I feel like he is the reason why ADC items can't be good because if they are Yasuo is going to be hella broken.
This is a huge issue with tanks. Like I said before, your 1-item purchase is shit compared to literally every role and tanks are no exception. You, the ADC are supposed to be kicking a tanks ass. But because you have little to no defensive items and because the enemy tank can just stack armour way before you buy whit's end you can't kill them and the damage from Sun Fire cape can easily get the job done in the damage department.
As an ADC you can legit get 1-shot by a tank Malphite. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.
-2) XP Sharing
This is pretty self explanatory of an issue. ADCs and Supports are being punished for playing ADCs and supports, like WTF? Another issue is that you get bounties FOR GOOD MACRO because of your CS. This now makes you a free sack of 450g. This makes games even more snowbally. If you are even in lane the 0/10 Yasuo mid will still probably be even level at best, at worst still 1 or even 2 levels ahead of you. Other lanes will get more reward for the exact same achievements you got.
This already sucks if you are even or ahead as the enemy who was feeding still be even level to you or even ahead and a 1v1 still probably result in your defeat. But XP sharing is even worse when you are behind. You are just free gold with absolutely no way to fight back by yourself.
-3) Supports are too consequential while ADCs aren't
As an ADC you are incredibly reliant on your support. The winning bot lane comes down to who's support is better, not who's ADC is better. Supports such as Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Leona, Pyke, Thresh, Brand, Zyra, Xerath, Lux can also just straight up 1v1 you if they got ignite up. Which really goddamn suck. That Zyra can miss all her abilities but you still probably lost the 1v1. A 5/0 Brand is a million times scarier than a 5/0 ADC. Hec a 5/0 anything is scarier than a 5/0 ADC.
-4) High Risk and Skill with low reward
These days as ADC it is literally a mistake to not have flash. It sucks that the 1/3 LeBlanc who is already online with just Luden's Echo can take down half your health while missing all her abilities while you here are 4/1.
If you make 1 single mistake you are instantly dead, whereas for most other roles there are opportunities where you can make it out alive with a decent amount of health if you get hit by one skill-shot.
-5) Other roles can do damage better, safer, easier, less punishing, and earlier
One thing I hear is that "as an ADC you just need your items to do damage" except let's take 2 hype-scaling mid-laners that deal consistent damage: Azir and Cassiopeia.
Both of them have way better safety than most ADCs. Either through CC and maneuverability like Cassiopeia, Or range, mobility, and disengage like Azir, you have safety and defensibility. Cassiopeia can already be online with just 1 items at Archangel's Staff and Liandry's Tourment. Azir on the other hand is already online with just Nashor's tooth and ready to bring in damage. Keep in mind these 2 champions are supposed to be the best scaling champions in the game as well. They're just simply better than ADCs in just about every single way.
For example as a Zed if you are ahead you can automatically win a fight vs an ADC if your ultimate is up. Heck if the ADC is behind then you probably don't even need to land your abilities lol. Heck you can legit be 0/2 as a Zed and if you have R and Ignite you can still win vs an ADC that's ahead. A 3/0 Malphite can just press R + E + Q to one-shot most people on the enemy team with little to no skill. Meanwhile as ADC to do even do similar damage you need to be giga fed, and play like some next level faker.
As an ADC other champions/roles can be more effective than you with the same amount of lead as you.
-6) Games are too snowbally and end to quickly for you to keep up
With this season being so snowbally and absoloutely no sense of comebacks with the introduction of dragon souls and the newly insane elder dragon you no longer can just farm for 40min to equalize your items and make gold leads less significant. Games are closing out way too quickly and games are being determined way too early. Most of the time it's pretty clear who the winner is by 25min.
If you are behind this absolutely sucks as you are stuck between farming to catch up in gold and xp or teamfight to not bleed objectives but you are too weak to team fight.
-7) Kiting is useless with so much mobility in the game
Kiting can be helpful still but in the end, it's still more or less useless. Champions that are supposed to be kited out easily by an ADC such as Garen, Darius, Sett, etc. All have something in their kit to close the gap. Or fuck it, just take nimbus cloak, ghost, and/or phase rush and almost no ADC an run away from you. This is one of the reasons why Sett support is so powerful.
-8) Balancing with ADCs and ADC items
This is one of the biggest issues with ADCs that I don't see many people talking about. This is surprising because it's the biggest reason why ADCs are going to be awful for a while and always has been. GOOD OR DECENT ADCS OR ADC ITEMS ARE GETTING NERFED. Riot's balancing team tried to compensate that by sometimes buffing weaker champions such as Twitch or Jinx. But in reality this does more harm to ADCs than good because the ADC role has less to offer in the best of their bests.
The standards of what makes an ADC good has fallen so much that anyone that's decent and picked a lot in pro play is going to get a nerf. The biggest example of this is Kai'sa.
In general a seemingly strong or op champion in the role of ADC is just in reality and in general just decent or not shit or have something to overcome some of the weaknesses a little easier like I've mentioned above. The biggest examples are MF and Ezreal. By no means were the OP before their nerfs but they have such high pick rates. Yet they got nerfed.
Riot is so sensitive to the balance state of the ADC role but hardly at all for other roles. They nerfed Guinsoo's Rageblade to uselessness yet still Death's Dance remains OP? But they only nerfed it... For ADCs?
It made me think "if Ezreal was a midlaner and was never an ADC, would he have gotten nerfed at all?" There are so many strong mid laners that hardly or not at all recieved nerfs such as Fizz, Vlad, Ekko, Diana, so why would Ezreal get nerfed?
What can we do to solve the ADC issue?
Well the very first things are:
These are the simplest changes that won't be meta-shifting but will make lives of ADC mains so much better. Other issues won't be easy to fix such as the high amounts of damage and mobility in the game.
Can the item overhaul help ADCs?
I absolutely believe there is hope. That better version of PD? An AD Hextech Protobelt? These are exactly the kinds of change ADCs need. The biggest concern for me is how other champions can abuse ADC itemizations. Again we don't know too much and what we got was just a teaser but this is definitely a step in the right direction.
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2020.09.24 06:46 Sadhgun Fight against scammy EduTech companies

Hey guys!
I am sure you have all heard about WhiteHatJr and seen ads of a 9 year old getting 150 crore rupee jobs. All of this is being used to scam parents.
Join us in the fight against this by joining whiteHatSr and sharing our telegram account
PS: They got our previous two youtube accounts, reddit accounts, quora account and twitter account deleted. This shows that they are indeed scam as they are not letting users post negative reviews. Youtube videos were taken down for copyright infringement when they didn't have any copyrighted material while WhiteHatJr is selling this free copyrighted material for lakhs claiming it as its own.
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2020.09.24 06:45 Spartann_8 [RECRUITING] McDaniel Townhall 10+ Clan Level 14 Social/War #2PV0PGPP 🇺🇸

McDaniel Is Currently Recruiting! One Lucky Bastard

49 Spots Full
McDaniel (Lvl 14) - #2PV0PGPP
[🛑Disclaimer - this is our most active, adult community, we are 420 friendly🍁 alcohol and drug references along with sexual innuendos or jokes are sometimes in chat and not appropriate for children under 18.🛑]
If you are lower TH or just shy of our requirements or are under 18 feel free to visit our family clan;
Epic Wolfpack (Lvl 12) - #8YL89RJ0 37/50 Members
Feel free to PM me on here with any questions. If you decide to join one of the clans, please put "Reddit” or “Spartan Ad” somewhere in your request. Hope to see you soon!
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2020.09.24 06:41 absolitud3 [Online] [4e] Silvalusi Academy of War! Come be students in a school of adventuring/dungeoneering!

Take a look at the Roll20 listing if you're curious. The game is text-only, by the way. Feel free to inquire here or on Roll20! We're looking at GM + 5 players. Let's have some F U N.
Below, the transcription of the Roll20 listing's description, for convenience.

Please read the entire description before considering joining

NOTE: The time scheduled for the game here on Roll20 is merely filler. Once the 5 players are set, we'll talk things over and decide on the best day/time of the week for the game to happen. With that out of the way, let's get to the game.
The foremost institution of learning on matters of war and archaeology in all of Alwyn, the Silvalusi Academy of War has produced some of the brightest minds and strongest arms the continent of Ucca has seen for centuries. Whatever your reasons for enrolling, be they aspiration or conscription, rest assured you are presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.
Hello there!
This is Silvalusi Academy of War, a game where the players take on the role of students at a school of...adventuring? Dungeon-delving? Definitely these two. Anyway! In this game, you'll form a party to go exploring a wild region of a weird world, going on adventures to earn marks and competing with fellow students in their own parties. The game will be sandbox, meaning that players will choose where to go, what environments to explore and what goals to pursue. There'll be some travel on a hex map, mechanics for managing resources, and so on. The system is D&D's 4th edition, but modified with some streamlining and to accomodate for this style of game.
If you are new to D&D or tabletop RPGs in general, this game might not be for you. 4e is a unique beast, and it's not necessarily ideal to introduce people to RPGs. This game will focus on a very specific style of play that doesn't necessarily match the bombastic, cinematic stories that a lot of people dream up when they think of RPGs. That's okay, this doesn't mean we won't have fun here or that you can't join even if you are a newbie. Ask if you're unsure.
If you are new to 4th edition, please be aware that it's a very different game from 5e. It's very ~tactical~, crunchy with numbers. Players new to 4e will definitely be welcome and the others will do their best to teach the game (which isn't that hard to grasp, all things considered), but this warning should be given, nevertheless.
I've set up a Discord server for the players to talk about the game. That is where most out-of-game communication will take place. If you are interested in playing, feel free to inquire here on Roll20 and we'll see about adding you to the server.
Important note: This game doesn't have room for misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other sort of bigotry, period. This doesn't mean there won't be jokes or swearing or even (appropriate) dark humor, but we're all different human beings sharing a (virtual) table, and I expect us to be respectful of one another and other people in general. Let's have some fun.
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2020.09.24 06:38 MarthaShaw Max $5147, $1391 guaranteed- SoFi Money/Invest/Loans, Webull, Chime, Public, Aspiration, FirstTrade, Dough, Stash, Voyager, Moomoo, Root, TradeUP, Robinhood,M1,Acorns,Chase Freedom, DiscoverIT, ETrade, PMCU, SkyOne, Orchid, PersonalCap, Constant,Celsius,, Wings, Oxygen, Round, Healthywage

There are a lot of awesome referral opportunities out there, these are my personal favorites! All these offers (besides Gemini) are US only.




Credit Cards


--Details on each offer below--


SoFi Money

SoFi is a bank/app that give out $50 for anyone who signs up for a SoFi Money (bank) account using a referral code and deposits $500 from any source. So all you have to do is open an account with a referral link, deposit $500, and then instantly collect the bonus and then take it all back.
And you can close the account at any time with no fees or consequences-
referral link-


Chime is a bank/app which pays you a $50 bonus for opening an account via a referral code making a $200 direct deposit. There are no catches, and you can close the account at any time fee free as soon as you register their debit card (gotta wait a few days to get it in the mail).
A "direct deposit" technically means that they want you to deposit the money right from payroll, Social Security, or other direct payment, but you can actually meet this requirement simply by transferring in $200 from virtually any source including bank accounts, cashapp, etc.
referral link-


Wings Financial Credit Union is a bank offering $50 for opening a checking account, setting up eDocuments, and either doing 5 debit card transactions of $5 or more (anything counts, including Amazon GC reloads), OR a direct deposit of $300+ in 60 days.
No fees, can withdraw and close account any time.
referral link-https://www.wingsfinancial/newcustform/109cb9ea


Aspiration is an online bank which is offering a free $50 bonus for simply opening an account via a referral link and spending $250, and an extra $100 for $1000 spend in 3 months.
So all you have to do is open a “Spend & Save” account using a referral link, spend $250/1000 using their debit card within 3 months, and then you will get $50/150 posted to your account! There are no fees to worry about! You can close the account fee free whenever you want!
referral link-


Stash is a finance app that gives out $20 for anyone who signs up for the Stash (bank) or Stash Invest account via my referral link and deposits at least $5 from any source (payroll, another bank account, PayPal, etc.) So all you have to do is open an account with a referral link, deposit $5, and then the bonus will post to your account!
The app will ask you to open a paid account, but you can simply open a "beginner" account for $1 a month, and then close your account after 1 month after you get your $20 bonus.
referral link-


SkyOne is a credit union which will pay you a $25 bonus for opening a checking account with a referral link, making a $5 opening deposit, and keeping your account open for at least 30 days.
This credit union services the SoCal area, but anyone nationwide can sign up if you follow the steps detailed below. People are normally required to make a donation to a local charity to qualify for a local credit union bank account when they don't live in the area, but SkyOne will actually pay for a donation to the "Surfrider Foundation" themselves because they want everyone on the US to be eligible! In other words, you don't have to spend a dime! Simply click ("None of the above? We've got you! SkyOne will make a one-time donation to one of the following non-profits") on the eligibility page when signing up.

Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union is a credit union which will pay you a $50 bonus for opening a money market account with a referral link, and making a $5 opening deposit. They will also require you to open a savings account alongside the money market account, which also requires a $5 opening deposit.
They are located in Boulder Colorado, but will allow anyone to create an account with them as long as you make a $5 donation to one of their local charities (they walk you through it during account signup). That's a total profit of $45!
And you can close the account at any time, fee free!
referral link (please remember to use my referral code during the account setup too)-


Oxygen is a mobile banking app that will pay you $25 for opening an account, depositing $200, and doing 5 debit card transaction within 60 days (You can just buy 5 $1 Amazon GC's reloads, they don't care what the purchase is. Lots of different ways to easily getr this). PM me for a link.



Webull is a commission free stock trading platform/app which is giving out a free stock (worth $8-$1600) for opening an account via a referral link and making a $100 deposit.
Webull is available on iOS and Android, or you can use their website.
referral link-


Public is another commission free stock trading app which gives you a free stock (valued up to $50) when you create an account via a referral link. No initial deposit is required.
Available on iOS or Android only.
referral link-


FirstTrade is a commission-free stock trading app which gives you a free stock (valued up to $200) when you open an account via a referral link. No initial deposit is required.
Available on iOS or Android only.
referral link-


Dough is a commission free stock trading app which gives you a free stock (valued $2- $200) when you open an account via a referral link. No initial deposit is required, though you need to deposit $25 in order to make your first withdrawal (you can also withdraw your initial $25 too).
Available for iOS or Android only.
referral link-


TradeUP is a commission free stock trading app which gives you a free stock (valued $2.50-250) for opening an account via a referral link. No deposit required.
Additionally, they will give you a second stock (valued $8-$1000) for making a $100 deposit.
Available for iOS or Android only.
referral link-


Robinhood is a stock trading platform/app which gives you a free stock (valued $2.50 - $200) when you open an account via a referral link. No initial deposit is required.
Available on iOS and Android, or you can use their website.
referral link-


Acorns is an online investing app (iOS or Android) which is offering a free $5 bonus for simply opening an account via a referral link, depositing $5, and keeping the money in the account until the 15th of the following month. You can then withdraw the money and close the account, fee free!
If you keep the account longer, they may charge you a $3 fee, so be sure to close it after the 15th on the following month from when you signed up.
Acorns is available on iOS and Android, or you can use their website.
referral link-


Moomoo is a commission free stock trading app which gives you a free stock (valued $10-$1000) for opening an account via a referral link and making a $500 deposit.
Moomoo is available on iOS or Android only.
referral link-

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an investing account, like Robinhood or Webull. If you open an account using a referral link, deposit $100 to a brokerage account, and keep that initial deposit in your account for 30 days, you will get a free $20 bonus that posts within 14 days.
M1 Finance is available on iOS or Android only.
referral link-


Round is an online auto-investing app (iOS only) which is offering a free $20 bonus for simply opening an account via a referral link and depositing $500. Alternatively, you can get $100 if you deposit $10,000.
Round is available on iOS only.
referral link-

SoFi Invest

SoFi gives $50 for anyone who signs up for a SoFi Invest account via a referral link and deposits $1000. This offer stacks with the SoFi Money $25 offer (see details above), so you can do both!
Plus, you can get another $25 cash bonus when you buy $10 or more of crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. That's a total of $75 cash bonuses with SoFi Invest!
referral link-


E*Trade is one of the biggest stock trading platforms out there, and they are offering new users a cash bonus for opening an account using a referral code and depositing funds. Your cash bonus varies based on how much you deposit-
Reward Deposit Amount
$25 $5,000–$9,999
$50 $10,000-$24,999
$200 $25,000–$99,999
$300 $100,000–$249,999
$600 $250,000–$499,999
$1,200 $500,000–$999,999
$2,500 $1,000,000+
referral link-

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a finance tracking website similar to Mint but tailored for investment accounts. If you open an account and link a qualified investment account for tracking (e.g. taxable brokerage, 401k, IRA, 529, etc) with more than $1000 in it, they will give you a free $20 amazon gift card within a couple weeks.
Accounts that do not qualify as valid investment accounts include bank, credit or debit card, Paypal, Stash, Acorns, Kapitall, Groundfloor, WageWorks HSA, Coinbase, digital currency exchanges, and manual investment accounts. Robinhood works!
Referral link-



Voyager is a crypocurrency trading app (iOS/Android only) which will pay you $25 in free bitcoin for trading $100 on the app! Make sure to use the referral code "AMA60T" in the “Reward Code” field when you create your account. The bonus posts within a couple of days, from my experience.
Referral link-


Constant is a cryptocurrency P2P investing platform which will give you $10 for signing up using a referral link, verifying your ID (pass KYC), and depositing $10.
So all you have to do is open an account using a referral link, verify your ID, deposit $10 via any means, and then you will get a $10 bonus that posts instantly and you can withdraw to your bank immediately. No deposit required.


Celsius is a cryptocurrency investing platform which will give you $40 for signing up using a referral code and depositing $200 worth of cryptocurrency. To get the full $40, enter the code "SUMMER" before making your first deposit. You must keep your deposit in the app for 30 days to get the full $40 bonus. You get $20 for the normal referral program and the additional $20 for entering the "SUMMER" code.
You can then withdraw the full $240 and close your account fee free. is a cryptocurrency investing platform which will give you $50 for signing up using a referral link, and "staking (aka, buying and holding) 1000 CRO (their special cryptocurrency, worth approximately $170) for 6 months. You need to apply for their "Ruby Steel" debit card when applying, its a 0 risk debit card, no credit impact, no fees. Combo's well with the Celsius promo if you need a platform to send cryptocurrency from, and you can send the $50 bonus crypto to celsius instantly.


Gemini is a cryptocurrency trading app/websitewhich will give you $10 worth of bitcoin for signing up using a referral link and buying/selling $100 worth of cryptocurrency.
Unlike the other offers listed here, this one can be used anywhere in the US (except NY), as well as Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. This bonus posts VERY quickly, within a day or two.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform which will pay you $10 in free bitcoin for trading $100 on the platform!
I would be grateful if you used my referral link-
They will also give you $12 worth of the "Orchid" cryptocurrency (which can be immediately re-sold for cash) if you watch 3 short videos and answer 3 easy questions.

Credit Cards-

Chase Freedom

Chase will pay you $200 for signing up for a Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card with a referral link and spending $500 it within the first 3 months. This is one of the best credit card bonuses in the industry!
All you have to do is sign up for a Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card using my referral link, spend $500 within the first 3 months, and then get your $200! You can cancel the card at any time with no fees or penalties.

Discover IT

Discover will pay you $50 for signing up for a Discover IT credit card with a referral link and making ANY purchase using it within the first 3 months. This is one of the easiest credit card bonuses in the industry!
All you have to do is sign up for a Discover IT credit card using my referral link, make ANY purchase using it within the first 3 months, and then get your $50! You can cancel the card at any time fee free.



Root is an auto insurance app(iOS/Android) that will pay you $25 to download their app, let it track your driving for 3-4 weeks, and then offer you an auto insurance policy based on your driving data. You can easily ignore their policy offer, take the bonus, and walk away with the $25 bonus which then then go to your PayPal account, sent as a check, etc.

SoFi Loans

SoFi loans is offering a $300 bonus for people who opens a new personal loan or refinance an existing student loan.
You should research the pros and cons of student loan refinancing before you consider this option, You can lower your interest rate, but lose some benefits from the federal government. Whether this is worth it to you will depend on individual circumstances.
There's also the option of taking out a SoFi loan.


HealthyWage is an interesting a few extra pounds from the quarantine you're trying to burn off? I personally want to lose 30 pounds, but needed a little extra motivation. Well, nothing motivates quite like money!
The way this website works is, you essentially place a "bet" (at least $100) that you can lose at least a certain amount of weight (at least 10% of your total body weight) within a given time frame (at least 6 months), and if you are successful, you will get rewarded with your initial investment + a bonus (they offered me around a 10% bonus). You can pay out the whole bet at once, or split over the time frame of the bet.
If you're wondering how they stay afloat, this company finances itself via the folks who failed to meet the terms of their own bet. You have to record yourself stepping on the scale via their highly-rated app (iOS/Android), so no cheating.
For folks like me who have strong will power but just need extra motivation, I highly recommend this site! I made a...questionably large bet personally ($3000 if I can't lose my extra pounds), but talk about a powerful motivator...
If you use my referral link to sign up and place your bet, you will get an extra $40 added to your bonus for winning your bet!
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2020.09.24 06:35 Meganclare7 Party of kobolds Idea plus one kobold npc idea

So I love kobolds. I'm fairly new to d&d and I'm currently playing in 2 campaigns. One of which is loosely following rise of tiamat.
My idea was, you could run a group of all kobolds who thought it's the best idea to free Kurtulmak at the time rise of tiamat is going on.
You could run it as a one shot or a whole campaign or even a counter for the normal rise of tiamat group.
As for adding a kobold npc to a smaller group
A shady merchant selling dragon eggs (limited 1 per costumers) but the eggs are kobold eggs and so the party is now the family of a kobold.
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2020.09.24 06:34 ii-dan Cognitive Services, Custom Vision, AI, and Azure Announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2020

So many cool Cognitive Services at Microsoft Ignite this year. Seth Juarez had a great text-to-speech demo. Lots of knowledge mining services being added via Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex. Azure Automanage is going to put me out of a job! (Only if my boss finds out.) And Azure Arc is FREE.
In addition to Azure services, there are a ton of Microsoft 365 announcements at Ignite too. Some highlights include full ADMX support in Intune, Microsoft Defender ATP gets rebranded...again, and Virtual Hub is a new training library for IT Pros.
Microsoft's full list of announcements is available in the book of news:
What's your favorite announcement from Ignite so far? Have you tried deploying Azure Orbital yet? Are you ready to scream if you hear 'moonshot' one more time?
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2020.09.24 06:33 Thylaluna Planet Zoo Species Spreadsheet

Planet Zoo Species Spreadsheet
I made my own spreadsheet for all the animals in the game and organized them by continent, and labeled them with biomes and conservation status. So that in the future if I want to make a conservation zoo I can just quickly look which animals are most endangered. Or if I were making certain sections of a zoo based off of different continents or biomes I can also easily reference the sheet! I've even included exhibit species, im thinking of adding temp/humidity data instead of biome since that isn't relevant for the exhibit species.
This is a small part of the spreadsheet. The key is at the bottom
Google Spreadsheet If anyone else wants to use it feel free to! Although im sure theres plenty of these out there, let me know if you think I should make any changes. I just thought it was any easier way to look at everything while designing a zoo
submitted by Thylaluna to PlanetZoo [link] [comments]

2020.09.24 06:30 ChunkThudfist My brief reviews of each card expansion set

(EDIT: the post as a whole aint so brief, though xD)
This is basically 90% copy-pasted from the Discord chat, where someone asked my opinion about each of the factions' card expansion sets and what's worth picking up or not. Ended up typing up a not-so-brief-overall wall of text about each faction so figured I'd post it here too. To give you an idea of my experience with the game, well I've played it for far too long but I couldn't tell you an exact number of hours since I uninstalled my old game launcher app (fuck you Samsung; stop riddling your apps with ads nowadays) but it was at least a couple hundred hours. I've reached challenge 12 on each faction and unlocked everything/all achieves blahblah so I'm not just talkin out my ass xD although, of course, much of what I relate are my own experiences with these expansion sets, and others may have had different ones. Your mileage may vary (especially if you just play one or two of them over all others, in which case who gives a shit what I think, just buy those expansion sets, duh xD). Anywho, commence copypasta:
Note: when considering each set you have to place great importance on the playability of every single card, since by enabling the expansion set you're basically diluting the card pool the game draws from when it offers you the 3-card choice reward after each fight, so you don't want shit cards from expansion sets showing up if the base set generally has better options
Paladin set from KNIGHTS is pretty good, despite Barrier working in a stupid way vs. enemy trample attacks. has some solid units and spells that recover HP/give you Shield/nuke their face, in Divine Ray's case. Priest set I'm iffy on, I can't conceive of a situation where I'd ever draft a couple of those cards...the spells that boost max HP, but only for the current fight, in particular. Knights already have the highest max HP total in the game, when you first begin a run (tied with Roughrock) so these spells that boost it by 9 or by 1/2 after killing units are like, who gives a fuck lol. Hidden Dagger blessing is about the only synergy I can think of off the top of my head that could get marginally stronger from these spells, but it's not like it's a good synergy or anything (don't bother). But, Priest does have some pretty decent units, and the new card subtype (aptly named "Priest" that gives your next-played unit +2/+2) is useful in general, obviously.
I can tell you the one I've had the most success with, in general, is probably the ROUGHROCK expansion (called Overpower I think) since it has some pretty good units and more awesome spell buffs to add to their already-great repertoire. It complements the base card pool pretty much perfectly, and doesn't terribly waste your time by adding garbage cards to the reward/shop pool. If I had to buy them all again, I'd go for Overpower first tbh, and Roughrock isn't even my favorite faction.
Burglar set from HUNTERS GUILD isn't that great, best to stick with base set synergies which are already fantastic anyway, Mug is only marginally useful I've found, and cards like Thievery/Full Pocket are literally dead draws unless you've been getting loot cards throughout the fight. Be wary of cards that depend on synergies that only exist within a given expansion set. Speaking of which...
Vamp Queen's set or whatever it's called from the (TRANSYLVANIA) FAMILY isn't terribly good unless you're lucky enough to be able to draft several of the cards during your run, since you can only utilize Vamp Queen by playing units with Ritual which are unique to the set. Vamp Queen herself is a good unit and there are some decently useful Ritual units but I've shied away from enabling the set since I generally really want to draft certain cards from the base set (Red Moon etc) during any given run, so I don't want questionably useful expansion cards to possibly get in the way of those opportunities
Deadman Set from LAND OF THE DEAD honestly isn't too bad if you build for Dead synergy, the problem is LotD's base card pool is such a dumpster fire for the most part I really dislike playing them most of the time. Dead keyword effects suck ass outside of a few units, honestly. But Deadman set does give you some cards with pretty good Dead synergy, so I guess if you buy it, enable it and pray you get to draft these cards instead of cursed spirit shit or something. Cursed Spirit synergies might be better than Dead-centric decks anyway, regardless of the expansion xD unless you get the dream lineup of Dead units that don't suck total ass.
Double Spell set from MAGICK ACADEMY (my favorite faction, btw) can be amusing and actually pretty damn good if you're able to purge every single unit (or the vast majority, at least) from your deck to take advantage of the Double keyword. I just tend to stay away from summoning spells in general cuz you can't control where the units are placed unless you manually filled the board before playing one and force the summoned unit placement by only leaving a spot or two open...
...But I have won runs (one on Challenge 12 no less) where I went full-on Double Spell synergy and won with basically boosting my Sword/Shield wherever I could and filling my board with beefed up summoned units. just stay away from shit summon spells like Conjurer's Calling and etc. if I do grab summon spells, my rule of thumb generally is to avoid the ones that summon random units (cuz a lot of times you'll summon garbage that won't do much for you) and instead look at ones like, say, Golem Manual (or Golem Manual II from Double Spell set!) that tells you the exact stats of the unit(s) it summons. at least you can sorta plan around that
And finally, we come to the best faction in the game, and everyone's favorite, VOID COMMUNITY. Their Rush set is fantastic and does a lot to alleviate what few faults the base card pool had; also, by enabling the set, you boost your starting max HP up to a more respectable 50, greatly diminishing any possible issues you might have getting through floor 1, tho idk why you'd have issues since their starting deck is the best in the game. Also, literally nothing I've said in this paragraph is even remotely true, until this current sentence.
Look, Void is the most under-tuned and shittiest faction in the game and the Rush set doesn't do much to help this fact....but I do give credit to some of the cards, namely Sharpest Blade (helps elevate the units in your draw pile beyond limp-dick status, as most Void units tend to be) and a couple strong Rush units. Seems the devs might've been trying to give Void the teeth they're implied to have in the faction description (all that "offense is the best defense" nonsense) but unfortunately you still can't take a hit with the second-lowest HP total in the game, they're lacking in bulky units that can take hits for you, and you're basically at RNGJesus' mercy to draft the faction's combo-tastic cards (much less a rabbit's foot blessing to top it all off if you're real lucky) or else you'll just be gimped compared to pretty much other faction in the game on any given run. So unless you're a huge Void fan and are eager to play them regularly, just leave Rush set for one of (if not the) last purchase you make...
...well, except Mouse from the seasonal packs. Mouse wins Joke Set of the Year for the rest of time. Soldier is actually solid enough (if boring/generic) and I use them on my Void runs most of the time lol. The medic soldier with Lifesteal can help out a lot if you're lucky enough to find. Forester has some units that can apply poison so Hunters are their buddies possibly, but their sole gold card is Daiymo Pig who happens to be one of the best units in the game so there's that.
uh I think I got it all. feel free to comment with your own experiences. figured I should post all this before I forget about all this stuff since I don't play as often anymore (tl;dr not a fan of the way the devs are going, ignoring many cases of awful game design and being lackadaisical at best when it comes to fixing the bevy of bugs their game still has). So hopefully this might help someone or two who's thinkin about where to start in terms of purchases. Later fellas.
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2020.09.24 06:30 rhinorollershutters The Importance of Domestic Roller Shutters for your Homes in Sydney

The Importance of Domestic Roller Shutters
Roller shutters are used in many ways and can be used in a wide range of applications. They may be used by businesses as doors for garages, warehouses, establishments and even vans. But apart from the above, homeowners can also mount roller shutters to their windows as an additional security feature for their abode. Below are some of the top benefits you can enjoy when installing home roller shutters.
Securing your home
Crime rates continue to rise and there are more than 200,000 burglaries each year in Australia alone. The Australian Institute of Criminology has also predicted one out of 49 houses will be broken into this year. It is worth noting, too, that eastern coast has the highest national burglary rates. With Sydney’s rising burglary rates, you'll find domestic roller shutters as a safe investment.
We are providing domestic roller shutters here at Rhino Shutters which have been tested as a deterrent to possible theft. They also offer other lifestyle and financial benefits besides providing security for your home.
Regulation of natural light and confidentiality
When you put domestic roller shutters for your windows in your home in Sydney, you'll have control over how much natural light you'll be able to let in. Only roll them up to make an indoor room brighter or you can roll them down to dim the lights.
You can also use roller shutters to give your home privacy. If your house isn't surrounded by walls, the shutters can be an ideal option to add privacy to your windows, especially street level ones. You will stop strangers peeking through your window in this way.
Indoor domestic roller shutters will shield your home from storm damage
The winds will smash your windows during powerful storms leaving the interior of your home vulnerable to more damage. They can also add upward pressure as winds break your windows, which will send your roof soaring. If the worst happens, your house could be breached, and your walls could crumble.
Lower your insurances
By enhancing your home protection, you will theoretically lower your insurance premium on contents. If you have domestic roller shutters built on your windows, the insurance company will consider your house to be less risky. You may apply for a discount on your insurance premiums with added protection against burglaries and storm damage. In any event, it will be worth asking the insurance provider for such deals.
The benefits of installing roller shutters go beyond security. If you want to learn more about domestic roller shutters, feel free to contact Rhino Shutters. We are more than happy to help you determine the ideal security solution for your specific needs.
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2020.09.24 06:29 exuviate [BUG] Suddenly ads even though I bought the IAP back in 2015

Description I'm suddenly seeing ads (as of like 30 minutes ago) even though I bought the IAP back in 2015. If I click the IAP button again in the new version, I see an error message. I saw someone else posted the same issue two weeks ago but there was no resolution there.
***Scenario* 1. Time travel back to May 12 2015 and buy the IAP 2. Open the app 30 minutes ago
Result(s) The issue persists after reboot and everything. Haven't tried a reinstall yet - should I? I still have my IAP confiemation email if it helps get this fixed. Please help me make the ads go away. :(
Device information
Sync version: v20 (beta 19) Sync flavor: free Removed ads: false *(Sync generated this but I swear I really have removed ads)* View type: Fixed height cards Push enabled: false Device: marlin Model: Google Pixel XL Android: 10 
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2020.09.24 06:28 memesandcommunism LETTER TO REDDIT CEO

Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc– If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act
Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc – If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act
Dear Steve,
On June 1, you shared a letter on Reddit’s blog “Remember the Human – Black Lives Matter”. In this letter, you claim “as Snoos, we do not tolerate hate, racism, and violence, and while we have work to do to fight these on our platform, our values are clear.”
As of today, neither you nor any other Reddit admins have shared this letter anywhere on However, the response to this message was swift on Twitter, where you were rightfully labeled as hypocritical based on your long and well-recorded history of defending racism and white supremacy on this site.
Among the many responses was this message from former CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao.
I am obligated to call you out: You should have shut down the_donald instead of amplifying it and its hate, racism, and violence. So much of what is happening now lies at your feet. You don't get to say BLM when reddit nurtures and monetizes white supremacy and hate all day long
Many others shared links and screenshots of your past statements saying “Open racism and slurs are fine to post on Reddit”.
The problem of Reddit’s leadership supporting and providing a platform for racist users and hateful communities has long been an issue. Nearly six years ago, dozens of subreddits signed the original open letter to the Reddit admins calling for action. While the Reddit admins acknowledged the letter and said it was a high priority to address this issue, extremely little has been done in the intervening years.
On June 5, you shared this update on /Announcements, Upcoming changes to our content policy, our board, and where we’re going from here. In the post, you stated that there is a need for continued adjustments of Reddit’s content policy to address racism and that this remains a priority. These continued statements that you hear us, that this is a priority, or that you are working on it are not enough. It has been five years since your return as CEO and this still remains Reddit’s most glaring problem.
Steve, if you and Reddit genuinely care about the values of standing up to racism and hate, then you need to back it up with real action. As moderators on this website who have dedicated countless hours to keeping this site running, we call on Reddit to take the following steps:
At /AgainstHateSubreddits, we have laid out the many failures of Steve time and again to stand up to white supremacy on this site time and time and time again.
With a website with the impact of Reddit on the broader conversations being held in communities around the world, this website needs real leadership and real action.
We hope that Reddit will not just share empty platitudes — but will take a meaningful stand against hate, and take these recommendations to heart.
This letter is co-signed by more than 200 300 350 430 550 650 800 communities representing well over 200 hundreds of millions of subscribers:
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Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret ... How To Run Facebook Ads FREE  Facebook Ads For Affiliate ... Youtube Free Movies with Ads - YouTube

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  1. Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret ...
  2. How To Run Facebook Ads FREE Facebook Ads For Affiliate ...
  3. Youtube Free Movies with Ads - YouTube
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